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When you are looking for a reliable provider of masonry solutions, Millikan Masonry has the skill, experience, and toolset necessary to provide you with results of the highest quality. There is no better source for world class masonry in Urbana, IL because we have taken the time to develop the most advanced approaches to brick work, concrete construction, and chimney building. Our experienced technicians have been improving the quality of the work they perform for a decade and a half, giving us a significant edge over our competition.

We constantly invest in our stone masons, laborers, and technicians. By continuing their education and exposing them to the latest developments in brick laying and masonry repair procedures, we are able to guarantee the most consistent results on the market. Masonry is one of the most ancient disciplines that mankind has participated in, but it would not be correct to believe that we haven't improved upon the methods that our forebears used thousands of years ago. Now, high powered machine tools and prices measuring systems allow us to provide better, more carefully produced masonry solutions than ever before, and Millikan Masonry is pioneering this attitude towards our craft.

We make use of this approach to guarantee our clients the best results whether it comes to laying brick walls for the creation of a new building or pouring cement into the earth as part of a foundation laying project. We are consistently able to beat our competitors' prices and offer higher quality results through our dedication to using cutting edge technology to reducing worksite inefficiency. In addition, our laborers are highly trained, providing quick and decisive services no matter what specific solutions the situation calls for.


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