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Foundation Repairs

They say if you have a strong foundation, you can build or rebuild anything on it and we believe that to be true. However, over time you may notice the foundation of your building starts to deteriorate due to water, weather or other factors. When this happens contact Millikan Masonry for the best foundation repairs in Urbana, IL.

A small crack in your basement wall, structure or pool should not be taken lightly. If the problem is ignored for a long period of time, this is when you risk serious damage and it becomes costly. When you call Millikan Masonry for fixing cracks in basement walls, you can rest assured knowing we will properly patch up the cracks, saving your foundation and saving you time and money. Our expert masonry contractors in Urbana, IL, have repaired many walls and can help you today.

Our special crack injection kit is the answer to all your foundation leak problems! The kit is a waterproof sealer, so you can also use it to fill in cracks found inside your pool or fountain! The resign material we use is so strong, that it binds together at a higher strength than concrete preventing cracks from spreading and causing more damage to the foundation. Because it is injected, it penetrates deep into the concrete filling in all space where the crack has formed to prevent further damage. A solid foundation is important, so our experts will be sure to fill in all open spaces.

When you call us for foundation repairs, you can rest assured knowing our contractor will get the job done in not time. They have years of experience and ongoing training, so say goodbye to that crack. They will bring all the supplies needed and clean up as mess that may have been made leaving you with a crack-less wall.

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