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Crack Repairs

As concrete dries, it might shrink and could potentially cause a crack or two in the foundation. In addition, over time you may notice your concrete foundation starts to deteriorate due to water, weather or other factors. A crack may seem small and not a big problem, but don’t let that little split fool you. For crack repairs in Urbana, IL, contact Millikan Masonry today.

At your leading masonry contractor in Urbana, IL, our experts have years of experience with drywall repair using concrete crack fillers. In addition, we have a few different methods to repair cracks found in masonry, swimming pools, bridges, poured walls, concrete slabs and much more. No matter how big or small the crack needing filling is, we can get the job done. Not only do our methods fill in the cracks to prevent for spreading, it also stabilizes the wall or foundation making it stronger than before.

Some of our repair solutions include:

Concrete Crack Repairs – Fix cracks in your foundation walls with our most advanced repair solution on the market. The carbon fiber used will prevent water from entering and structurally repair the crack. Installation is quick and clean saving you time and money.

Leaking Crack Repair – Our special injection kit was made special for filling leaking cracks found in poured concrete basement walls, structures and pool. This waterproof filler is no match for any crack and the resin bonds at a high strength.

Concrete Crack Lock – This patent-pending tool permanently holds both sides of the crack together and eliminates any potential corrosion, warranty claims and reduces callbacks. The carbon fiber plays an important role locking the crack and preventing it from spreading further. The Crack Lock can be used for repairing pools, concrete slabs, poured concrete walls and more.

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