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Basement Repairs

As time goes on, you may notice your basement walls start to bow and you need repair work done. Bowing walls are something that should not be ignored because doing so can cause your wall to collapse over time. Give Millikan Masonry a call for all your basement repairs in Urbana, IL.

One of the most popular basement repair services are bowing walls. This happens when outside pressure pushes against walls, the structure is old, or even from tree roots. Basement and foundations repairs are important, and should be addressed sooner than later to avoid any further damage. Luckily for you, Millikan Masonry carries the strongest wall repair system on the market and can help you today! We offer a lifetime warranty and all our installations are quick and easy.

To prevent further wall movement, we use a special carbon fiber material. This is the only patented system that ties into your footer, wall and sill plate for maximum protection and coverage. If you are worried about the carbon fiber being noticeable, fear not. The carbon fiber can easily be painted or covered to blend in with the existing wall with no signs of work being done to the walls. Our contractors are experts in concrete construction and will fix your wall in no time leaving no mess behind.

When basement walls need a little help to keep them supported, we have the strongest repair system on the market to stabilize walls. Similar to our bowing repair system, we use carbon fiber. We carefully apply this to the wall to help prevent future damage and distribute pressure horizontally which results in stabilizing your walls. As your local basement contractor in Urbana, IL, we know what is needed to make sure your basement does not undergo any major damage.

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